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In a market economy, prices are determined by value and are affected by the relationship between supply and demand. The same is true in the capital market. When the stock supply in the market exceeds the overall demand for funds, it must be down or even greatly adjusted. In the last two weeks, there was a clear rebound in the market, but the transaction amount has not been enlarged, indicating that the current lack of digestive power of the market, relying on the blue-chip and white horses as the vanguard to stabilize the market. In the weekend, the news of the science and technology board was released. In addition to officially announcing the debut on July 22, there was also a strong new wave this week. The resonance of the internal and external factors was superimposed, which led to the obvious adjustment of the market today. In view of the overall picture of the disk, although the new stocks are listed on the market today, there has been a large-scale slump, and the possibility of continued slump is not large. After all, even in June, with the test of liquidity in the middle of the year, the rigid redemption crisis of local banks, and the continued fermentation of MY, the market is still hard to rise, but we also need to guard against the market. The fourth trend deduced in the July 2 review. In terms of the sector, for the major mainline sectors we have been tracking (white liquor, food, dairy products, feed, agricultural integration), if the funds do not continue to flow out in the follow-up, but gradually take the bottom, then you can consider the second Entering the market, but if there is no reflow after the funds flow out, even the second outflow after a small rebound can basically confirm that the trend of the plate is reversed.


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